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After surgery, Gloria Maria gives daughters birthday garland

by ace
After surgery, Gloria Maria gives daughters birthday garland

Gloria Maria and daughters (Photo: Playback / Instagram)

This Thursday (19), after undergoing brain surgery, Gloria Maria presented her daughters with Laura, 11 years old and Maria, 12, with a larger birthday garland, at the Jockey Club in Gávea, South Zone of the River.

The theme chosen for the party was Rock, and Roberta Niemeyer was responsible for the production and decoration of the party. Already the animation was the responsibility of DJ Patrick Cunha. The party produced for 100 guests. You can check the photos clicking here.

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In time, about the surgery, Gloria Maria revealed that she had experienced a miracle: “I hit my head on the corner of the glass table and hurt. I went to the hospital to sew, and tests for the cause of fainting showed a tumor in my brain that would kill me silently at any moment. But the tumor formed an edema around it that inflamed and made me pass out. God's first help. I had a time bomb already set in my brain. ”

“But God I'm sure now he likes me. He sent messenger Dr Paulo Niemeyer to rescue me. He set up a war operation. Race against time! 6 hours of surgery. CTI I survived!! Today I believe in miracles !! I still have a way to go. But I am whole. Alive!! No consequences. This photo one of my daughters made today with all the love for you, ”concluded the Globo reporter.


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