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Analyst comments on possible Xbox Series X assembly price

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Analyst comments on possible Xbox Series X assembly price

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The Xbox Series X, or just “Xbox”, was announced during the 2019 The Game Awards, which took place last week. But even with a host of news and revelations, Microsoft's new console remains a mystery.

One of the biggest questions so far is how much the new console will cost in world markets. In a series of tweets, analyst Daniel Ahmad explained that, after examining the list of console stories, the Xbox Series X could be costing $ 500 to make.

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According to Ahmad, only the CPU, GPU and memory represent about half of the stipulated price. While the design may allow the new video game to work as quietly as a mouse, the choice has not spared any processor expense.

Even though it is an accurate analysis of individual parts prices, Microsoft has not yet officially released any definite value for manufacturing the “most powerful console ever”.

Struggling to see how PS5 / X Series can launch sub $ 400 given preliminary BOM for known specs.

The CPU / GPU, GDDR6 Memory and NVM and SSD alone would be well above 50% of both the build price and a $ 400 retail price.

It's either taking a heavy loss, or price appropriately above $ 400

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