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Anitta debunks Bolsonaro in comment on social networks

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Anitta debunks Bolsonaro in comment on social networks

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Carioca singer Anitta (PHOTO: Reproduction)

Anitta returned to position on politics in a short comment made on Instagram.

In the official profile of Mídia Ninja on the social network, the singer quickly decided to give her opinion on the new measure of the US government of Donald Trump that removed Brazil from the list of developing nations.

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Such status gave the country certain trade privileges in economic relations with the United States.

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In the commentary, Anitta mocked the relationship between Bolsonaro and Donald Trump, which was often pointed out by political experts as fawning on the part of the Brazilian president. "But aren't they BFF (" best friends forever "?) Lord Jesus bless us," shot the singer.

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Anitta debunks Bolsonaro in comment on social networks

This is not the first time that Anitta has taken a stand against measures taken by the government of Jair Bolsonaro. In August 2019, the singer decided to question the president about the suspension of public notices for LGBTQ productions made by Ancine (Agência Nacional do Cinema). “Whoever wants to pay… the private sector, feel free. We will not interfere with anything ”, said the government official about the recent federal decision that provoked a wave of protests.

“Some told me that you explain everything in a weekly live and that the reasons were because of public funds, others because the content was zero relevant or low level, others told me that it was for all types of low level content not only LGBT, others did not know how to give their opinion. But I was confused, ”said Anitta. "If the question is budget or low-level content, why do you post directly to the LGBT community and not to the whole context involved as I was told?" Asked the singer.

“Mentioning only the LGBT community in your post without subtitles or explanations doesn't give your followers the idea that LGBT content should be banned? It encourages your followers to think that family content cannot have LGBT mention as I saw in some comments here. If the decision has other factors, why just post the LGBT issue? ”, He adds.

“There is a film called Billy Elliot that addresses issues of prejudice, LGBT issues, classical ballet culture, discipline and many other incredible things in a super sophisticated and simple way at the same time. Didn't this type of content deserve support? Didn't it deserve visibility? I was surprised by this post, apparently celebrating in the midst of the Amazon issue, but I believe that the different departments continue working in their areas so that things do not stop. Anyway, I'm looking for a good side to look at. In this case, I'm not getting it, ”he wrote.

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“Those not interested can only change channels. If this really isn't a LGBT prejudice, why make an isolated post without a specific explanation so that it doesn't encourage your followers to be against the community? I write this with all due respect that a political ruler must be treated. And as a person who really would like to understand things that seem contradictory without aggression ”, he concluded.

Anitta debunks Bolsonaro in comment on social networksAnitta debunks Bolsonaro in comment on social networks

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