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Armed Sports is the sports agency most sought after by …

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Armed Sports is the sports agency most sought after by ...

Armed Sports (Photo: Disclosure)

In football, when a player becomes a professional, the first thing he does is to hire an agent to take care of his career. Armed Sports, agency and sports representation office, is the company most desired by athletes looking for serious agents with successful career plans.

They currently represent 6 NFL players, including Ito Smith, RB of the Atlanta Falcons and Steven Parker, S of the Miami Dolphins. Armed Sports is one of the largest athlete representation offices today under the leadership of the NFL Agency based in Houston, Texas. Armed represents players in all their efforts on and off the field, from contract negotiations with NFL teams to the search and acquisition of endorsement deals.

Casey Martin, player and owner of Armed, is the professional responsible for directing the management branch of the Armed Sports player team. He is highly sought after and admired for having extensive experience in the field, as he played in Southern Miss in 2014 and 2015 and was certified by the NFLPA in September 2017.

“We are dedicated to making a difference in the life of each athlete, through athletic training programs that we design to help you achieve your goals. By offering our young athletes a comprehensive series of opportunities for assessment, testing, training and sports development, our athletes are exposed to the latest concepts in sports training, ”says Casey Martin – CEO of Armed.

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In its team of agents, Armed has famous athletes such as Ito Smith, RB, player of the Falcons of Atlanta; Steven Parker, S, Miami dolphin player; Michael Jacquet III, DB, Philadelphia Eagles player; Will Sunderland, DB, player of the Green Bay Packers; Chase Harrell, TE, player of the San Francisco 49ers and Marcus Webb, DE, player of the Seattle Seahawks.

Armed Sports is the first and only official “full service” management company in the industry. They have their own internal training facility, called Armed Sports Performance, and also their own medical team, called Armed Sports Medicine. This is the differential that makes Armed one of the biggest athlete agency offices today. Find out more about Armed Sports through social media: InstagramFacebooksite.


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