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Avengers Robert Downey Jr had an uncontrollable habit on set

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Avengers Robert Downey Jr had an uncontrollable habit on set

Robert Downey Jr. has a long history in the MCU, Marvel's cinematic universe. The actor opened this franchise with Iron Man in 2008.

Then he returned as Tony Stark, Iron Man, in major roles in Avengers films. The last one was Avengers: Ultimatum.

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With so much time working at Marvel, colleagues, staff and production noticed a habit of Robert Downey Jr .. For many, it is something uncontrollable.

The Iron Man actor couldn't stop eating on the set. Not only that, a curious strategy by Robert Downey Jr. was revealed.

To always have energy in the recordings, Robert Downey Jr. started hiding food on the set of the Avengers films. The actor's plan was quite simple.

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He hid some food that he liked on the scene. Thus, in a natural way, Tony Stark, the Iron Man, was feeding himself with this food placed by the Marvel star himself.

Apparently, the actor doesn't just do that at Marvel. Vincent D’Onofrio said that Robert Downey Jr. had the same habit in the 2014 film The Judge.

“He really hides food throughout the set. I will not say the reason. But it does. And it makes perfect sense ”, commented the famous to the Huffington Post.

The directors have never seen a problem with this Iron Man method. For some, it is a way of lightening the work, while others believe it can also bring comic relief to the scenes.

Robert Downey Jr.'s final work on Marvel can be seen in Avengers: Endgame. The film is available on Amazon Prime Video.

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