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Bachelor! Fernando Zor appears with white swim trunks and hatches with size

by ace

Fernando Zor (Photo: Playback / Instagram)

Maiara's ex-boyfriend of Maiara and Maraisa duo Fernando Zor used his Instagram to post a very hot picture. The handsome guy caused wearing a white swim trunks, and boasted a large volume.

“The last box of swimwear of this decade, I promise,” captioned the countryman. Many singers commented on the artist's publication. Among the comments, the muso received some pinpricks, including from João Bosco, “Is that serious ??? Are you appealing now ??? ”, commented the singer musician.

The sertanejo singer just ended his relationship with the singer Maiara, between comings and goings, it seems that this time the union of the powerful of the country music really came to an end.

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Recently Fernando's ex, talked openly about the end of the two. “Guys I want to thank all the people who are sending me a message of affection… They care about me! Please do not believe in fake news! Do not believe in fanciful and opportunistic matters, ”he began.

“I will speak soon and speak from the heart… For now I hope you have patience and empathy. All in God's time and plans, ”asked Maiara.


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