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Backfired; images of Robert Pattinson as Batman generate hype for the return of …

by ace
Backfired; images of Robert Pattinson as Batman generate hype for the return of ...

Batman or Daredevil? Internet reacts to Robert Pattinson's new uniform and recalls Netflix series (Source: Editing / Reproduction)

The rivalry between Marvel Comics fans and DC Comics fans always looks for something to lean on; and it looks like Matt Reeves gave exactly the crutch she needed when releasing the first Bruce Wayne images of Robert Pattinson in his hero uniform in The Batman.

Although many fans have liked the uniform, some are noticing that it is very similar to the uniform worn by Charlie Cox as Matt Murdock on Netflix's Daredevil series. Comparisons between the Batman uniform and the Fearless Man uniform have taken over Twitter.

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Thus, the hype for the film may end up helping the hype for the return of the Marvel character as well. Although the series was canceled by Netflix, rumors about the return of characters from the Defenders universe, which are more or less part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, do not stop circulating.

While it has already been revealed that Marvel Studios wants to bring Cox to revive Matt Murdock in a third Spider-Man film, there is also the possibility that Vincent D’Onofrio will also appear in the franchise as Wilson Fisk, the Kingpin.

Even though nothing has been confirmed, Warner may have accidentally started the hype that was necessary for a fan appeal to get Marvel and the actors to enter into a definitive deal for the long-awaited returns. Check out the public reaction below:

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I liked the armor because it looks very much like the armor from the last game in the arkham series, but that mask is totally destructive to netflix

– ね え (@it_maker) February 14, 2020

when you realize that Robert Pattinson's Batman looks like Daredevil and Ben Affleck who was Batman before Pattinson also played Daredevil pic.twitter.com/4MbsLMeTSj

– Régis Oliveira (@regisbbk) February 14, 2020

DC: – Say it Marvel! Dude, I have no idea to do a teaser of Pattinson’s Batman. Do you have anything for me?
Marvel: – Animal, you can use something I did with Daredevil, but look, copy, but do it differently.
DC: – Blz! Xaconois! pic.twitter.com/9NghajiGMK

– marcelo (@ marcelo_porto77) February 14, 2020



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