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Batman has a new girlfriend – and you won't guess who he is

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Batman has a new girlfriend - and you won't guess who he is


Bruce Wayne may be used to dating lethal (and sometimes villainous) women, but in Batman: The Curse of the White Knight, the hero seems to be building a romantic connection with his arch-rival Harlequin's ex-girlfriend.

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Although not canonical with the rest of the DC universe, the story is a sequel to the acclaimed Batman: White Knight.

Set in a Gotham City a bit different from what Bat fans are used to reading, Batman is not entirely good, the Joker is not entirely bad, and Harlequin is much smarter than we know.

Since the story is not technically correct and is on the "Black Label" label with adult themes, there is the freedom to do things that would not otherwise be allowed in a hero title.

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So far, Batman and Harley are working together to prevent the Joker's "grand finale" act that will rock Gotham.

Harlequin had already helped Mr. J temporarily regain mental stability, which led to a healthy love story between them before his villainous side took control.

Now that the stakes have been raised on White Knight's Curse # 3, Batman unmasks himself in front of Harley to gain her trust, an act of intimacy that leads her to believe that the Dark Knight can be kind to her.

After unmasking themselves, Bruce and Harley develop a working partnership to unravel the mystery of the Joker's plot.

She flirts repeatedly with him, bringing up the moment when Bruce bought her a dress and notes that Batman even knew the size of her bra.

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With Alfred dying in the previous issue, and Batman's relationships with his former teammates Dick and Barbara crumbling, at best having someone to bruce your head against is probably a good idea.

We will see the unfolding of this new – and unusual – romantic relationship between Batman and Harlequina in future editions.

Batman: The Curse of the White Knight # 3 is now on sale at US comic booths.

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