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BBB: Victor Hugo attacks Guilherme after breaking up

by ace
BBB: Victor Hugo attacks Guilherme after breaking up

Guilherme and Victor Hugo (Reproduction / TVGlobo)

Saturday's party (14) yielded kisses, discussion and also an outburst from Victor Hugo, who criticized the posture that Guilherme adopted with him after the Angel of the week gave the Monster punishment to Boca Rosa and Flayslane at BBB20. The friendship shuddered and it seems that Victor's platonic love for Bill also went down the drain.

In conversation with Gizelly, Victor Hugo said: “I think he took Bia's pains, he can only. It is the only explanation I have ”. Victor further concluded: I just know that if he really did this, I just think it's ridiculous. Because one thing is his game and another is her game. And didn't he say he plays alone ?. ”

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After being aware of the comments, Guilherme said to Bianca Andrade that the only LGBTQ + man from BBB20 is one of his options for the wall of the week.

“He's doing something that I didn't want to do. I didn't like that attitude, they are people I want to protect. From the moment I see that he wants to remove people that I want to protect, I have to remove that person ”, said Guilherme, Victor's ex-crush.



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