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Big Bang Theory actress surprises by revealing: “I never watched an episode”

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Big Bang Theory actress surprises by revealing: “I never watched an episode”

Hollywood has some curious situations. There are actors and actresses who don't like to see each other.

Not only that, there are others who cannot see productions famous for lack of time. Thus, this type of situation becomes more common than imagined.

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In The Big Bang Theory, there is someone who represents that portion of Hollywood. Mayim Bialik, Amy from the series, revealed that she has never seen an episode of the beloved comedy.

The famous talked to the UK Metro. In the case of Amy from The Big Bang Theory, the actress does not like to see herself on television.

“I never watched an episode. I don't see myself on television. I never sat down and watched an episode of our series, never ”, revealed the famous.

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The Big Bang Theory actress commented that she avoids seeing herself on screen as much as possible.

Amy from The Big Bang Theory commented that she saw only a few pieces of the chapters that were shown to audiences on recordings. On the final chapter, Mayim wanted to see only parts as well.

"I saw bits and pieces from the final chapter, but the ones I wasn't in," added the famous.

Even without seeing the series, Amy from The Big Bang Theory celebrated the relationship with Sheldon, the protagonist. The story was built by his resistance and her patience.

Mayim believes he was able to feel the essence of this plot.

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“I think it's really a beautiful example of what unconditional love is. There is a lot to give in and accept, not just about tolerating him – he also had to make adjustments and changes ”, explained the famous.

The Big Bang Theory came to an end in 2019 after 12 seasons.

The series can be seen on Globoplay. In Brazil, The Big Bang Theory is also being replayed on the Warner channel.


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