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Black trans killed by white policeman

by ace
Black trans killed by white policeman

Tony McDade (Reproduction)

A black trans man was killed by a white police officer last Wednesday (27), suspected of murder, in Tallahassee, Florida. The case has endorsed discussions about police violence in the United States.

Tony McDade's death came shortly after the city police received a call about a young man stabbed in the area. Upon arriving at the scene, agents realized that the victim could not resist the injuries.

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In an attempt to find the person responsible, the police found a "woman" who matched the physical description raised by witnesses. Records point out that the alleged criminal had a gun.

"The suspect made a move with the use of the firearm against the police officer, who fired his weapon, fatally striking it," said the police department in its occurrence record. The policeman left unscathed.

Despite putting McDade as a woman, acquaintances and groups of LGBTQ + activists from Tallahassee point out that he identifies himself as a trans man. In addition, witnesses claim that the boy was unarmed and that, yes, there was brutality in the approach.

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A former inmate, McDade was released in January of this year, when he completed his 10-year sentence. His criminal record also points to two penalties for forgery, assault, theft and assault.

The day before he died, McDade had posted a message on Facebook promising to take revenge on men who had previously attacked him. He also promised that he would not go back to prison.

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