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Busted! Hulk Paraíba returns to China with his new girlfriend

by ace
Camila Angelo e Hulk Paraíba

Camila Angelo and Hulk Paraíba (Photo: Playback / Instagram)

Hulk Paraíba was seen boarding at Guarulhos Airport, alongside his ex-wife's niece girlfriend Camila Angelo. He spent his holidays in Brazil, and is now returning to China as he plays for the Shanghai SIPG.

Leo Dias Column was the one who got the busted images, recorded by an anonymous person (see photos). In the hammocks, the athlete's girlfriend posted a photo inside the private jet. Also for the column, Hulk denied the beloved pregnancy rumors. “This does not proceed. Camila isn't pregnant, no, ”he said.

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Hulk Paraíba denies pregnancy rumors of new girlfriend

He who was once Brazilian team player, got involved in a controversy by assuming his relationship with Iran Angelo's niece. The woman's lawyers said she would no longer comment on this in a statement. “Precisely for not complying with her ex-husband's stance, and above all, for cherishing the protection of the privacy of her children, Ms. Iran clarifies that she will not comment on any matter that is being judicially discussed, all protected by the cloak of secrecy. justice, ”said one passage.

“With all due clarification, we ask for respect for the suffering of this family, ensuring the privacy of Ms. Iran and her children at such a delicate moment. Because the pain is not about separation, but about the devastation of a family, ”they said.

Camila Angelo "class =" wp-image-295829 "srcset =" https://observatoriodosfamosos.bol.uol.com.br/portal/wp-content/uploads/2020/01/Camila-Angelo.png 301w, https: //observatoriodosfamous.bol.uol.com/portal/wp-content/uploads/2020/01/Camila-Angelo-156x300.png 156w "sizes =" (max-width: 301px) 100vw, 301pxCamila Angelo (Photo: Playback / Instagram)


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