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Canal Like chooses the 10 best series of the decade; See list

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Canal Like elege as 10 melhores série da década (Fonte: Reprodução)

Canal Like Selects Top 10 Series of the Decade (Source: Reproduction)

To close the year and end the cycle of this decade, Canal Like has prepared three special programs electing the top ten series, the top ten international films and the top ten national films of the last ten years. After much debate and nostalgia, the Like team reached an agreement to elect the highlights from 2010 to 2019. See the list below and comment if you agree with the chosen ones.

10th place – The Good Wife

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The tenth position goes to the criminal drama signed by the couple Michelle and Robert King, the same creators of In Justice. The Good Wife was based on sexual scandals involving prominent personalities on the US political scene. The main character is Alicia Florrick (Julianna Margulies), the wife of a big shot stuck in one of those hustles that always mix prostitutes and corruption.

9th place – Big Little Lies

The ninth best series of the decade brought together a cast of several superpowered stars: Nicole Kidman, Reese Witherspoon, Laura Dern, Shailene Woolley and Zoe Kravitz. Big Little Lies follows the lives of five women who live in the coastal city of Monterey, California, and keep unmistakable secrets behind appearances.

8th place – Rick and Morty

Eighth place is from an adult animation that emerged from a short film parodying the classic Back to the Future. Then the characters representing Doctor Brown and Marty McFly were replaced by Rick and Morty, who name the series.

7th place – Under Pressure

In seventh place we have a Brazilian series about the drama of the emergency team of a public hospital. The creation is by Renato Fagundes and Jorge Furtado directed by Andrucha Waddington. Under Pressure is derived from the film that has an equal title and is based on the book of doctor Marcio Maranhão. Two worlds meet in the hospital corridors – that of the skeptical Doctor Evandro and that of the religious Doctor Carolina. They need to find the balance to face the chaotic routine of the emergency of a hospital in the suburbs of Rio de Janeiro.

6th place – Chernobyl

The sixth position recalls one of the most tragic days of the twentieth century, when a major nuclear accident affected millions of people in the former Soviet Union. To this day the impacts of the disaster are being felt by the population of Ukraine. Chernobyl, the mini-series created by Craig Mazin, tries to clarify what happened in the tragedy.

5th place – Game of Thrones

Fifth place belongs to one of the most iconic series of the decade and was HBO's flagship while airborne. Of course we are talking about Game of Thrones. In the medieval fantasy plot, seven reigns and different characters compete with each other to know who will sit on the Iron Throne. Family conflicts abound in the relentless pursuit of power, romance, revenge, survival, or simply adventure.

4th place – Mad Men

Fourth place is another impeccable period production in costume design, interpretation and authenticity. Mad Men is a creation of screenwriter Matthew Weiner, who was shelved for seven years until he found an open door at AMC. The narrative takes place during the 1960s at a New York advertising agency that has Kodak, Heineken, Pampers, Chevrolet, Avon, and Sheraton suit clients. In addition to the visual references, Mad Men brought a range of themes on the rise during the period, such as smoking, feminism, adultery and anti-Semitism.

3rd place – Black Mirror

Let's move forward a few years to talk about third place on the list, which goes to a British science fiction series in anthology format. That is, each episode changes the cast, the scenarios and the context. Black Mirror explores the near future, where human nature and cutting-edge technology conflict. Charlie Brooker's creation has episodes independent of each other, which you can watch in any order you like. All of them make the public reflect on the perverse consequences of the society of the spectacle, where the physical and virtual worlds are confused.

2nd place – Twin Peaks: The Return

The runner-up is the continuation of a dramatic series created by Mark Frost and David Lynch that revolutionized television in the 1990s. Many actors in the original cast have returned to relive their roles in Twin Peaks: The Return. In the original series the focus is on FBI agent Dale Cooper's investigation into the murder of student Laura Palmer. Until then, viewers were used to linear stories in which the mysterious early murder was solved at the close of the episode. At the end of season two, Laura Palmer promised agent Cooper that they would be back in 25 years. This is exactly what happens in Twin Peaks: The Return, which takes place 25 years later.

1st place – Breaking Bad

The last episode of the No. 1 series on the list was one of the most watched television programs in the history of American cable TV. In 2014, he entered the Book of Records as the highest rated critics of all time. We are talking about Breaking Bad. The narrative follows the story of the disillusioned chemistry teacher who joins his most disinterested student in class and becomes the largest methamphetamine maker on the market.


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