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Check out Playstation Game of the Year winners

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Choosing the best game is not an easy task. There are several releases that occur during the year and some of them even have a story almost the same or are remakes, continuations, among others, that end up making the task of voting even cruel.

As in previous years, Playstation opened its vote for the best of 2019, where summing up all this year's categories, they got almost one million votes! Not bad, since the votes took place in a short time.

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Death Stranding came out with the most Platinum Trophies this year, but we saw plenty of support for other favorites like Sekiro, FFXIV Shadowbringers, Kingdom Hearts III, No Man's Sky Beyond, and Resident Evil 2. A year!

The Playstation deserves congratulations for the quick disclosure of the winners, as everyone imagined, including the company, that the results would not come before the parties, surprising everyone. Now enough talk and check out the winners of 2019.

Best Story

Death stranding

Death Stranding has captured the hearts and minds of voters with its introspective analysis of the connectivity of a ragged civilization. Days Gone also had a lot of votes – the heartfelt and heartfelt performances and moments of life and death certainly played a big part in that. Fans also showed a lot of support for Modern Warfare, and the long-awaited reunion of friends in Kingdom Hearts III.

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Best Graphic Utilization

Death stranding

State-of-the-art motion capture, palpable time-shifting effects, and the incredible beauty of a Timefall-destroyed world have levered Death Stranding comfortably to the top. Meanwhile, the grotesque creatures of Resident Evil 2, the brutal realism of Modern Warfare, and the fury of DMC5 made the race between Gold, Silver and Bronze very fierce, and a tough decision for fans.

Check out Playstation Game of the Year winners

Best Art Direction

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice's historic sites in Japan captivated enough PlayStation fans to receive the Best Art Direction award in 2019. Devil May Cry's cool factor secured second place, with guns and demons more than just flashy. Third is Control, conquering players with its brutalist architecture, surreal environments, and Jesse's changing Service Weapon.

Check out Playstation Game of the Year winners

Best Soundtrack

Death stranding

The music is sparse as you deliver Death Stranding, but the sober tone of Low Roar's tracks and Ludvig Forssell's synthetic rhythm resonated with fans to the point of securing the Platinum Trophy. Kingdom Hearts III did well with yet another rich and varied soundtrack, with Devil May Cry 5 and Days Gone also receiving honors from PS Blog readers.

Check out Playstation Game of the Year winners

Best Multiplayer Game

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

FPS fans have dominated the voting for Modern Warfare in the category of Best Multiplayer Game this year. Infinity Ward's newest game took the title thanks to intense and fluid gameplay. Apex Legends has captivated a lot of gamers with their colorful approach to the battle royale genre. In a close third and fourth place, we have the Final Fantasy XIV MMORPG: Shadowbringers and Death Stranding, with their asynchronous multiplayer.

Check out Playstation Game of the Year winners

Best RPG

Kingdom Hearts III

Most disputed impossible, with votes for Kingdom Hearts III and The Outer Worlds coming almost equally – a fight between Western and Oriental RPG styles. Players also strongly supported Monster Hunter World: Iceborne and MMO FFXIV: Shadowbringers, demonstrating the diversity of the genre.

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Best Action Game

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

Every vote counts, and in this competitive category, One-Armed Wolf was victorious, but narrowly, while Devil May Cry 5's exaggerated action never seemed to stop winning votes. Capcom also took the Bronze trophy with the mind-blowing new version of the Raccoon City disaster in RE2.

Check out Playstation Game of the Year winners

Best Sports Game

Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled

Voter nostalgia sped up for the remake of beloved Crash Team Racing, with more than double the votes for second place, world football phenomenon FIFA 20, while NBA 2K20 and MLB The Show 20 continue third and fourth. place.

Check out Playstation Game of the Year winners

Best Continuous Game

Final Fantasy XIV

The enduring Final Fantasy XIV took this year's Platinum Trophy for "Best Continuous Play," aided by this year's excellent expansion, Shadowbringers, and the constant influx of new content and communication from developers, famous in this MMORPG. Monster Hunter World, Rainbow Six Siege, and No Man’s Sky also take awards today, thanks to the support of their respective communities.

Check out Playstation Game of the Year winners

Best Independent Game

The Plague Tale: Innocence

A swarm of votes for Asobo Studio's artistic adventure, A Plague Tale: Innocence, secured more than double the votes for second place. Outer Wilds' marvelous exploration has pinned his flag for second place, while Indivisible action RPG and platform game The Messenger are in third and fourth place.

Check out Playstation Game of the Year winners

Best PlayStation Console Exclusive

Death stranding

Voters supported Kojima Productions 'unconventional epic Death Stranding, although Bend Studios' brave Days Gone had a great presence.

Check out Playstation Game of the Year winners

Best Performance

Norman Reedus (Sam Porter Bridges) // Death Stranding

Norman Reedus is the embodiment of Sam Porter Bridges, with countless personalized facial animations and a rude, hesitant attitude about the insane world around him. When he feels the weight of the world on his back, so do we. Mads Mikkelsen, Sam Witwer and Claudia Doumit also had incredible performances that made this year's winners remarkable.

Check out Playstation Game of the Year winners

Best PS VR Experience

No Man’s Sky Beyond

A very popular category, with the space adventure No Man’s Sky Beyond and Ace Combat 7 taking first and second place thanks to meticulously immersive experiences. Blood & Truth and LA Noire also had a lot of support from PS VR players.

Check out Playstation Game of the Year winners

Best PS4 Game

Death stranding

Another victory for Death Stranding, an unconventional open-world epic that has captured players with its cold world and connection and relationship themes. Then it was almost a second-place shootout, with RE2, Kingdom Hearts III, Sekiro, and Days Gone fighting over every vote and percentage point.

Check out Playstation Game of the Year winners

Most Expected Game

Cyberpunk 2077

A triumphant finale for the long-awaited Cyberpunk 2077, which achieves a hard-working lead over Final Fantasy VII Remake and Ghost of Tsushima. No pressure, CD PROJEKT RED!

Check out Playstation Game of the Year winners

Studio of the Year

Kojima Productions

No surprise here – Kojima Productions' Death Stranding was the talk of 2019. Love or hate its methodical and meditative gameplay, but it was impossible to ignore. Capcom gets the second with a year that includes Resident Evil 2 and Monster Hunter Iceborne, while Square Enix and Respawn deserve respect for their many releases.

Check out Playstation Game of the Year winners


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