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Chorão's son won't have to pay a fine for shows his father didn't do

by ace

The São Paulo musician Chorão (PHOTO: Reproduction)

The son of singer Chorão, Alexandre Ferreira Abrão, will not have to pay a fine or indemnity for shows that his father did not do because he died, as he decreed, the Justice of São Paulo. For Judge Fábio Sznifer, of the 2nd Civil Court of the District of Santos, the death of Chorão, even though by suicide, cannot be considered as a default or an illegal act.

Chorão, lead singer of the band Charlie Brown Jr, died in March 2013. Nine months after his death, an extrajudicial notification reached the hands of photographer Alexandre Ferreira Lima Abrão, his only son.

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In the two-page document, the company Promocom Eventos e Publicidade demanded compensation for nine concerts that the musician was unable to do.

“He died without meeting all the obligations assumed”, stated the text, emphasizing that “notoriously, such obligations cannot (more) be met” and still demanding the payment of R $ 325 thousand referring to R $ 225 thousand that would have been paid Chorão in advance of the shows, in addition to R $ 100 thousand in fine for non-compliance with the contract.

"With Chorão's death, the capital invested stopped making the expected profit," said the company's lawyer, Rodrigo Ramina de Lucca.

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Justice understood that Chorão's death, even though by suicide, cannot be considered as a choice of not honoring his commitments, making the collection of contractual fines unviable. Also according to the Court, based on an expert examination, the falsification of Chorão's signature was proven and, therefore, the contract was canceled.

Fábio Sznifer also stated that the company was unable to prove that there was an advance in the mentioned amounts and denied all the company's orders.

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* Text warning * I don't think there's a day when I don't spend at least 60% of the time thinking about you. Be it directly thinking of you as the “Chorão”, be you as Rockstar national idol of millions of people in this world. Be like the “Vovôzão” that your granddaughter talks about every day and asks to hear your music during the bath, or be like the hero that I have to defend with tooth and nail. But today I'm not here to talk about Chorão, or Rockstar, or the musician. Today I'm here to talk about you as you are and will always be for me. Dad. 50 years old, man, if you're old, huh? 50so… There is not a day that I don’t think about you, the guy who kept pushing, elbowing and killing a lion. You, the man who despite having to show himself strong to everyone, had his fragile side that he inadvertently let slip between one conversation or another. You, the man who even trying to be angry, couldn't stop laughing at the shit I did as a child. You, who when I asked why I didn't see you so much, replied that you were working because of me. You, who taught me that we have to be kind to everyone, no matter who you are. You, who when I wanted to follow a path totally out of yours, supported me. You who at 20 became my father. You who, with your 18-year-old son by your side, screamed into a microphone in front of more than 10,000 people who wanted to have a grandson and wanted it soon. Fuck, I would give anything to see you playing with Amélie, you know? I wonder how you were going to be an owl with her, pamper yourself so fucking that I had to fight you, steal her during the weekends. Today she and I are here, singing happy birthday to you. Thanking you for all the lessons, for all the hugs, for absolutely everything. Today is your birthday. I'm not talking about Chorão, Rockstar, Musico, Skatista, I'm talking about what really matters to me, I'm talking about my father. You miss it. I love you. I will never forget you and I will never stop fighting for you. You fella.

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