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Classic superhero team returns to Marvel

by ace
Classic superhero team returns to Marvel

As you may already know, anything can happen on the pages of a single comic. With an expansive universe like Marvel's, it is perfectly understandable that some startling faces answer the call if a hero is needed.

This is exactly what happened in the final moments of Marvel's Annihilation – Scourge Omega # 1.

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In Annihilation – Scourge Omega # 1, the Negative Zone heroes are screaming for help. Sentinel and its forces have become very powerful and are placing a great burden on the force field that Sue Richards is using to protect everyone.

Then, just in time, a portal opens and brings heroes from every corner of Marvel. Led by Richard Rider, several characters appear – including the New Warriors.

In a scene similar to Avengers: Ultimatum, readers see Justice, Namorita, Rage, Steel Hawk, and Firestar coming together to help their old friend. Then, over the remaining pages, some additional characters like Speedball also appear to the delight of Marvel readers.

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The New Warriors haven't been in Marvel for a long time. His last comic book series took place five years ago.

As far as the team's future is concerned, Annihilation – Scourge Omega # 1 does not indicate whether we can see more in the future. But at least Marvel fans had a lovely comeback of classic characters.

Annihilation – Scourge Omega # 1 from Marvel is available in the United States.



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