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Cliche? Fans criticize repeated Grey's Anatomy plots

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Cliche? Fans criticize repeated Grey's Anatomy plots

To stay on the air for over 15 years, a show needs to invest in creative and captivating plots. Grey's Anatomy is a great example, always presenting interesting and innovative stories.

However, a certain narrative element used by the series has been criticized by fans. According to many netizens, Grey's Anatomy "lost his hand" in the novels, failing to thrill the audience with the new couples.

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CheatSheet explained the reason for the criticism; check below!

Criticism of Grey's Anatomy plots began mostly on reddit. Many netizens have complained that some aspects of the series' romantic stories have been recycled, and that the writers are running out of original ideas.

The main criticism involved the love triangles. The series featured an impressive number of complicated relationships, notably Meredith's various loves and the recent triangle between Owen, Amelia and Teddy.

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To make matters worse, Meredith has everything to get involved in something like this once again, this time with DeLuca and the new doctor Cormac.

The conclusion of love affairs is also viewed with fear. Often writers opt for the “catastrophe card,” in which one of the characters involved discovers a fatal disease or something of the same severity.

Cliche? Fans criticize repeated Grey's Anatomy plots

Many fans wonder: Grey's Anatomy will be able to overcome the stigma of love triangles or be relegated to melancholy and unrealistic stories in the future.

According to Shonda Rhimes, evolution is the answer. The producer has spoken a few times in interviews about the practice, always defending the creativity and originality of the writers.

And you think Gray’s Anatomy is becoming cliché?

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