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Criticism | Lost in Space – Season 2

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Perdidos no Espaço (Fonte: Reprodução)

Lost in Space (Source: Reproduction)

The new batch of Lost In Space episodes has hit the streaming giant Netflix's catalog. Following the Robinson family back on its space survival mission, the series doesn't bring much news from its first year. On the contrary, it works with some of the same that might even please fans.

From season one, the series has been trying to revamp the original series, bringing it to a more acceptable cast on today's television. The program is also well suited for streaming, which can take some of its strength. Following the logic that prevailed in its debut, the show told a long story in its 10 episodes. In season two, we could split some of this process, perhaps into two or three arcs. The problem, of course, is that it makes you look good, making a great story come up again.

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There is no doubt that the show could be brought to today's television. However, Season 2 may make the audience question whether they should have followed the logic of streaming. In 2019, with the arrival of The Mandalorian, and especially The Witcher, which is in the same house as the series, it is clear that treating each episode as a separate story, without neglecting the development of the season's plot and without abusing the "Monster of the week," as television demanded not many years ago, can be done. And in the case of Lost in Space, it should.

The great asset of the series is to put the Robinson family in tight situations caused by extra-terrestrial threats. When we see, for example, the characters needing to turn a ship into a sailing boat, or deal with an alien rust virus. Unfortunately, much of the show is spent inside the spaceships. More episodic logic, closer to the original series, making them move from planet to planet with each chapter, could bring a much more interesting and much less claustrophobic feel to the show.

Of particular note are the performances of Molly Parker as Maureen Robinson and Taylor Russell as Judy Robinson. Parker Posey, who had stood out more over the past year, is a little bit sinful this new year. After her character was discovered to be a villain by the Robinson at the end of the first season, her acting ended up reproducing the stigma too much, showing a little too much instability.

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Lost in Space has shown, not only this season, that it can bring the extraordinary to life in a flawless way. The show, in a possible season 3, is missing further exploration of this. Season 2 is interesting and does its job well; while the first year was too attached to a single planet, it was too attached to staying in space. It remains to balance this formula for the series to enjoy its best.

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