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Denise Rocha poses totally naked: “Goddess is she”

by ace

Denise Rocha (Photo: Playback / Instagram)

This Thursday (09), on TBT day, Denise Rocha recalled an essay she did for Paparazzo and drove her followers crazy with the click, being highly praised in the comments.

“Is there still time for a tbt? Today there are questions and answers in the stories !!! #tbt ”, wrote the famous in the caption of the publication. At the click, she was completely naked and hid her breasts with a sheet.

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“She is musaaaaa superaaaa”; “I love this woman since the farm, very powerful! I did campaign campaigns on Twitter at the time for her to be hahaha ”; “Goddess is she, very diva”, were some of the compliments she received.

Two days ago, Denise had already broken the web with a photo showing her body. The muse was wearing a thong bikini, putting on her gigantic butt and was also praised.

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