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Destiny 2 teaser confirms next chapter reveal date

by ace
Destiny 2 teaser confirms next chapter reveal date

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Another teaser of Destiny 2 was released to give tips about the future of the game. The new tip confirmed when players will finally be able to find out what's new next season.

The developer Bungie shared a 15-second video on Wednesday (03), saying "The future of Destiny 2 arrives", in which it is possible to see a ship piloted by Drifter, en route to Europe, the famous moon of Jupiter. Even though it is short, the teaser is one of the best that players have received.

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A teaser shared in the past, via other in-game social media accounts, pointed to the same date, but the post was removed quickly, probably for revealing the announcement earlier than planned.

Even with the date revealed, there is a great possibility that the new season will not actually arrive on June 9th. Widespread unrest and protests in the United States in response to the death of George Floyd have prompted many companies to postpone their events to later dates.

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