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Drag queen launches Instagram program to liven up quarantine

by ace
Drag queen launches Instagram program to liven up quarantine

Pietra Parker (Playback / Instagram)

In order to make the quarantine more fun, drag queen Pietra Parker will launch this Saturday (28th), the first edition of the Digital Queens Brasil program. The attraction will be displayed through the artist's Instagram.

“Due to the events related to the covid-19, many drags are not able to perform anymore (for obvious reasons), and with this initiative, I intend to bring some entertainment to those who need to be quarantined,” said Pietra.

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With broadcast scheduled to start after 10 pm, the program will promote the meeting of drag queens from all over Brazil, to make a collective show full of colors and fun.

"It is a mutual help for us drags who love what we do and for the public that likes drag art to be able to see the shows of their favorite dragons on Instagram," said the artist.

The queens' presentations are already confirmed: Isabella Rio, Miranda Lebrão, Arte Missia, Jessie Kier, Isis James-Preston, Cookie Doug, Savanna Black, Eva King, Ephemera, Betina Polaroid and Athena Leto.

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