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Drag singer dies at age 50 of coronavirus

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Drag singer dies at age 50 of coronavirus

Drag artist Nashon Wooden (PHOTO: Reproduction)

Nashom Wooden, also known as the American drag queen Mona Foot, died at age 50, being another victim of the coronavirus around the world. Geoffrey Mac, famous designer of the reality Project Runway was a close friend of Nashom and shared on his Instagram an outburst at the fateful news.

"I just want to make sure everyone is healthy and taking care of each other," said Mac. "The virus is really real and I'm sorry". Check out the report below:

Mana Foot became famous in the early 90s in New York, when doing lypsincs for diva Aretha Franklin. The artist was also known for dressing up as Wonder Woman, making this one of her trademarks. In this record below, she appears during an event in honor of singer Grace Jones:

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In the late 90s, Nashom Wooden went on to pursue a singing career in the dance-pop trio The Ones (check out a clip of the band below). The artist also appeared alongside none other than Robert De Niro in the film Flawless and worked for a long time at the New York nightclub, The Cock, where he ended up becoming one of the most well-known figures of New York's LGBT night.

Drag singer dies at age 50 of coronavirusYour name, your name, Italiani no dirà nulla. I went to Nashom Wooden, I was there for a long time #dragqueen più eclettiche simpatiche and follow her #grandemela. I was born to #brooklyn #newyork aveva solo 50 anni ed and I venuto to deal with the cause of # Covid19. Ribadisco: aveva solo 50 anni !!
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Quello che gli altri non dicono.Drag singer dies at age 50 of coronavirus



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