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Dulce Maria, RBD, comes up without a bra and shows full breasts

by ace
Dulce María é atriz e cantora (Divulgação)

Dulce María is an actress and singer (Press Photo)

Dulce María often presents her fans with her natural and sexy photos at the same time. This time, on record, the muse appears without a bra and with well-focused breasts. In this regard, the comments were well matched.

In addition, Dulce also takes advantage of the platform space to publicize his works and special moments. So recently posted a current photo of the group RBD, which made an immeasurable success, causing euphoria.

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Dulce Maria, RBD, shows huge breasts in natural appearance

“Yesterday they returned to my heart five pieces that had not been together for 11 years. That, seeing them, the eyes only remember the incredible and forget the 'evil'. The true reunion of 6 beings that deliver everything, that we live a unique and unforgettable history ”.

“Being together and everything we live has made us what we are today in every aspect of our lives. Let's say we are made of ourselves. Thank you all for joining in! The energy you feel when you are all six is ​​very strong! I love you with all my heart and, as I always say, the true is eternal, ”added the interpreter of Roberta.


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