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End of Rensga Sieve

by ace

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The Rensga sieve is heading towards the grand final. The selection that began at the beginning of the month was attended by almost one thousand young people, aged between 18 and 22, from all Brazilian states. They have passed the test (qualifying), championship and interview and now 50 will compete in the 15 open positions for the teams Academy (base), GO (only goianos) and PRO plus 1 coach and 1 analyst for each team.

“We have a very high expectation for the grand final. We were surprised by the good female participation and there is even the possibility of a couple facing each other in the decision, ”said Rensga CEO Djary Veiga. That is, there will be a girl in the final!

No one joked the test, but there were plenty of surprises and unusual situations. Everything counted to evaluate the commitment and interest in the search for a vacancy. “The problem of power outages in Goiânia, where most of the participants were concentrated, also affected us. From various parts of the city we receive a message of paused play ”, says Djary.

But there was also a father and mother who had the game turned off in the middle of the championship; absence of players due to death in the family; medical consultation and even those who had to reconcile the dispute with the college entrance exam. Do you think it's over? There was more!

Game change positions and hidden players were also strategies of the organizing committee to assess the ability and behavior of subscribers in stressful situations. “The whole process was done as if it were a real job selection,” points out the CEO.

In interviews more challenges. “Most relevant to us was feeling the level of involvement of people with the project; After all, some will have to move from their current cities to Goiania, ”he concludes.

What to expect from the final

It will be Orbi Gaming's first major event, which will be the home of Rensga, in addition to the 50 selected for the final contest, cowboys from all over Brazil will be in the arena. “It will officially be the beginning of a grand project for the development of electronic sports in the Midwest,” anticipates Djary Veiga.


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