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Epic! The Walking Dead prepares for the Whisperers' War; know what to expect

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Epic! The Walking Dead prepares for the Whisperers' War; know what to expect

The Walking Dead returns with its debut episode in 2020 on February 23. The return of the series will answer the biggest mysteries of the plot today: who will survive the trap of Alpha and what the War of the Whispers will be like.

In The Walking Dead comics, the Whisperers' War is perhaps the most important event of the saga's final stretch. In it, the communities of Alexandria, Hilltop and other survivors assemble a real army to confront the group of Alpha and its hour of zombies.

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In an interview with Business Insider, showrunner Angela Kang revealed what fans can expect from the biggest battle in The Walking Dead's history.

Check it out below!

“It will be epic. It's very big, ”said Angela Kang when asked about the dimensions of the Whisperers' War.

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AMC has already started to prepare the ground for the great conflict. In the previously released previews of the second half of the tenth season, Aaron, Luke and other characters appear armed and positioned against the growing army of the dead.

“For us, it was all very interesting, and very difficult to produce. But I think that when we promise the fans a great human war against a real horde, we have to give them something sensational ”, confessed the showrunner.

The producer also revealed that the action will be developed in more than one episode.

“I think that a good part of the epic actions will happen in several episodes, in addition to small plots and important acts. The consequences will also be more dire than ever, ”said Kang.

Asked if the Whisperers' War will be “Game of Thrones style,” Angela Kang declined to respond directly.

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“We are going to show you things we’ve never done in battles before. The style is very different ”, confirmed the showrunner.

The Walking Dead returns on February 23.

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