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Even dead, Freddie Mercury keeps sending Christmas presents to his …

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Freddie Mercury

Zanzibean singer Farrokh Bulsara better known as Freddie Mercury (PHOTO: Reproduction)

Freddie Mercury passed away 28 years after a battle with AIDS, but the singer is still present at Christmas from his closest friends and godchildren, who continue to receive gifts from the rock star to this day.

This is because, in his will, Freddie even asked the London department store Fortnum & Mason to send a Christmas basket each year to a select list of people including his godchildren and some close friends. The shopping bill is paid by the singer's estate.

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Even Dead, Freddie Mercury Still Giving Christmas Gifts To His Friends

"We think it's a lovely gesture," a store spokesman said in an interview with MailOnline. "What we know happens on the occasion (of Christmas)."

Even in life, Freddie Mercury was known for being a very generous person, who always presented his friends. In his new autobiography, "I," Elton John rescues a situation that shows the generosity of his colleague, who sent a Christmas gift to the Rocket Man singer when he was already in a complicated health condition from AIDS.

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“On Christmas morning, Tony King (Mercury's friend) showed up and gave me a pillowcase. As you read in the book, my drag name is Sharon and Freddie was Melina. In the beautiful pillowcase there was (one) watercolor painting, ”wrote John. “In the accompanying note, it said:‘ Dear Sharon, I saw this at an auction and thought you would love it. Love you, Melina '.

Elton John says he was thrilled by his friend's gesture. “He was dying and still thinking about his friends. I still have the pillowcase next to my bed. That is the kind of person he was. He was so full of love and life, ”he recalled.

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