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Fast and Furious participation revealed that will leave fans jaw-dropping

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Fast and Furious participation revealed that will leave fans jaw-dropping

The Fast and Furious franchise has some secrets. One promises to impress fans.

Fast and Furious 3: Tokyo Challenge, at first glance, seems to be a film quite disconnected from the rest of the franchise. The film introduces Sean, an American who moves to Japan because of the crimes committed in his home country.

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In Tokyo, Sean learns from Han about drift. The character thus rivals Tekashi, a character linked to the mafia, for the title of King of Drift, that is, the best local driver.

At the end of the film, the connection to the rest of the franchise is presented. Vin Diesel's Dom appears for a friendly run with Sean.

However, the film has an interesting connection with the King of Drift. An appearance related to this surprises fans of Fast and Furious.

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What fans of Fast and Furious may not know is that the King of Drift exists. His name is Keiichi Tsuchiya, a professional pilot who introduced the technique to the world.

In addition to introducing the modality, Tsuchiya also inspired the creation of the manga Initial D. In Fast and Furious 3, the pilot is honored and even participates in the film.

In the film, the pilot appears alongside one of the producers of Fast and Furious 3, Kazutoshi Wadakura. The duo plays two fishermen who watch Sean trying to learn drift from Han.

"Do you call that drifting?" Asks Tsuchiya's character as he watches the American.

After Sean learns the technique, the camera returns to the pair. Tsuchiya and Wadakura look proudly at each other and the pilot says the character is doing well.

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In addition, a Toyota AE86 can be seen in a race by Sean and Tekashi. The car is one of Tsuchiya's favorites.

The pilot's appearance is a tribute made by both the Fast and the Furious. The franchise now continues with the ninth film, which will have Han's return.

Fast and Furious 9 is scheduled to arrive in April 2021.


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