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Fernando Zor breaks up with Maiara by phone and poses in white swim trunks

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The singers Fernando Zor and Maiara (PHOTO: Reproduction)

On the birthday of Maiara and sister Maraísa, on New Year's Eve, the singer received a call from her boyfriend Fernando Zor, who asked for a break in the relationship. According to the columnist Fábia Oliveira, the country singer decided to break up the relationship over the phone and made it clear to his close friends that he felt more relieved than sad about the breakup.

The break led Maiara to delete all photos from her social networks with her ex-boyfriend. Already Zor decided to show off a little and put a picture of white swimwear and promised: "The last photo of swimwear of this decade."

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Break up? Maiara deletes photos next to Fernando Zor and sends indirectFernando Zor in white swim trunks

Already this Thursday (day 2), Fernando Zor published a photo in an empty pool, surrounded by beer bottles, the greatest suffering style.

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See the lyrics sung by Fernando

“Pool” – Chrystian & Ralf

In the backyard I made the pool she asked
There, how many afternoons, the blue waters your body kissed
She left and from the last bath, I conserved the waters
That warmed your body and that pool, all perfumed it
The sun's rays made his body reflect in the waves
Calling your name, crazy in despair, jump
inside her
I'm swimming at random, sobbing in tears,
hugging the waters
In the delicious illusion that in that hug, I hug her
Pool, which keeps secrets
Every day early, she bathed
Always dating your fairy body
Every dawn the sun was waiting for him
Even if I had dried the pool, there would be no use
It would be filled with all my tears, which we now shed
Pool water, you wash everything, just don't wash the hurt
Which is in my chest, for living far away, of
who I love so much
The lifeless leaves, which the wind drags,
by the pool
Well proves the neglect and sad abandonment of
who lives there
I am also leaf swept with the long
time broom
I am a swimming pool, in the sun I miss the love I lost


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