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Fitness actor poses with butt perched on sink

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Michael (Pedro Vinícius) e Santiago (Giovanni Dopico) em Malhação: Vidas Brasileiras (Reprodução)

Michael (Pedro Vinícius) and Santiago (Giovanni Dopico) in Workout: Brazilian Lives (Reproduction)

The actor Pedro Vinicius who rocked Malhação Brazilian Lives, and starred in the first gay kiss in the teen soap opera, posted a controversial photo on social networks. The photo with the butt raised was posted by the actor to commemorate the final stretch of 2019.

Pedro ViniciusPedro Vinicius (Photo: Playback / Instagram)

Pedro Vinícius posed on the sink with his butt up, in shorts leaving his legs showing. In the networks the artist has more than 230 thousand followers, the publication yielded comments such as, “Friend you are my animal spirit,” joked a follower, “Hmmm in this position even I want,” commented a bold fan.

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In interview for Gshow, Pedro Vinicius, revealed cases of bullying suffered at school. “This bullying was so strong that at school I didn't use the bathroom. I didn't want to be alone with boys at all, because to me every boy was violent, ”said Pedro.

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The actor also said that the cases of prejudice experienced by him, only decreased when he moved to Rio de Janeiro where he can express himself in the new school, full time. “At first, I still stuck a lot, because I thought,“ I'm going to live in this school, I can't go through that again. ” Peter remembered.


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