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Gay dog? BBB20's Gizelly says her dog ignores pretty puppies

by ace
Gay dog? BBB20's Gizelly says her dog ignores pretty puppies

Gizelly Bichalho (Photo: Instagram)

Bicalho declared in conversation with other confined people that his dog is gay.
While waiting for the formation of the last wall at Big Brother Brasil 20, some
participants talked about missing their pets and the pearl

Gizelly declared that his dog, Jack Bacon, is homosexual. “My dog ​​is gay, cute puppies pass by and he doesn't even care”, commented the lawyer.

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Daniel Lenhardt scolded the capixaba. "Dogs don't have that," he said, while his sister insisted. “He is gay, yes! He is all over when he sees a male dog, he doesn’t care for the young ones ”, shot the confident girl.

the dog doesn’t have sexuality, they don’t know what it’s like to have sex ”,
disagree with Marcela Mc Gowan's boyfriend. “How come you don't know? Jack Bacon
always having sex with his bed ”, he countered.

The gynecologist Marcela entered the conversation and opined that dogs feel pleasure, yes. "Of course he does, once Jack had sex with my friend's foot and he was wet," said the criminalist, agreeing with her friend.

She revealed
also that you are jealous of your dog's sex life. "Jack Bacon
sleep with that bed five times a day and then sleep. Someone has to
having sex in that house, and that someone is never me ”, lamented the competitor.

It seems that the
confinement is tightening the lack of participants.

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