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Gracyanne Barbosa on having sex before the parade: “Sex is always good”

by ace

Gracyanne Barbosa (Photo: Reproduction / Instagram)

Gracyanne Barbosa is about to play on the avenue, again, next to the Rio de Janeiro samba school, União da Ilha, of which she is the queen of drums. In an interview, the muse revealed her anxiety and said that sex is wonderful before playing at Sapucaí.

“Once again, beside this great community, which embraced me. Representing and singing a plot of extreme social relevance. A plot about the reality of the favelas. We all believe in the hope of better times, ”said Gracy to the Twitter.

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Married with handsome singer, the muse fitness assured that her husband is not jealous: “He does not imply anything, he is a partner husband. He helped me and helps a lot in Carnival. Belo is the popular singer who most loves and defends this wonderful party. If I am a queen, he is a king. And my king too ”.

About sex, she said: “Sex is always good. Before, during and after Carnival. Every samba player, every Brazilian is more free at that time. As long as they protect themselves and use condoms in their carnival adventures, everything in a conscious and healthy way is worth it ”.

Finally, Gracyanne said that she wants to be a mother, but has no pressure: “I don't plan a date, I'm calm and without pressure, an hour will come. Especially because we already have a large family because of Belo's children and grandchildren. It hasn't happened yet, because I've already 'caught it' a lot because of my schedule. I want to be a totally dedicated and present mother ”.

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