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Gusttavo Lima invites his wife to the stage and fires: “Today has huh”

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gusttavo lima

The Minas Gerais singer Gusttavo Lima (PHOTO: Reproduction)

Last Saturday (the 4th), Gusttavo Lima shared the stage of the first Buteco of 2020, in Rio de Janeiro, with his wife Andressa Suite. The model thanked the affection of the fans with the musician and Gusttavo joked: "Today has huh".

Suite published in Instagram stories the moment thanked the public for, even in the rain, stay in place to watch the show of ambassador Gusttavo Lima.

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Gusttavo Lima gives "music class" to his children; see video!Photo: Playback Instagram stories / @andressasuita

Gusttavo started traveling around Brazil with the show Buteco last year. The sertanejo star invites the most different singers to the festival. In 2020 one of Gusttavo Lima's fixed partnerships is Felipe Araújo, who participated in Buteco in Rio de Janeiro, and became the singer's business.

After becoming the singer who played the most on the radio in 2019, Gusttavo has announced that he intends to slow down his shows to spend more time with his family in 2020. In a recent video posted by Andressa, Gabriel said he was happy because “he will live on the farm ”, suggesting the change of family as soon as the singer starts to decrease the number of performances. Gusttavo Lima currently plays about 30 shows in the most demanding months.


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