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Gusttavo Lima teaches his children to play instruments; see video!

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gusttavo lima

The Minas Gerais singer Gusttavo Lima (PHOTO: Reproduction)

Last Tuesday (17th), Gusttavo Lima published a record of a family moment on Instagram. The sertanejo singer presented some musical instruments to his sons, Gabriel and Samuel, in a recording made by his wife Andressa Suita.

The video features the country star showing the boys how to play drums and a ukelele, a kind of guitar in small size and widely used in Hawaiian songs.

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Gabriel, the eldest son of the couple, seemed to have more musical aptitude: the little one showed a lot of joy when he received his father's tips on how to use the instrument.

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It is worth remembering that Gusttavo intends to reduce the pace of his shows to spend more time with his family as early as 2020. In a recent video posted by Andressa, Gabriel said he was happy because he “is going to live on the farm”, suggesting the family change as soon as possible. singer goes on to decrease the number of performances. Gusttavo Lima currently plays about 30 shows in the most demanding months.

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