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Hadson Nery, from ‘BBB20’, has leaked nude and regrets for her children

by ace
Hadson Nery, from ‘BBB20’, has leaked nude and regrets for her children

Hadson Nery (Photo; Reproduction / Instagram)

Hadson Nery had an intimate photo leaked online this Tuesday (24th). The former BBB, from the current edition of reality, had her private parts exposed and caused on social networks. On Twitter, the name of the ex-brother is one of the most talked about subjects on the social network today.

In the photo, he appears in the bathroom, and in the mirror photo, you can clearly see his sexual organ. “I am very bad with this story. I have two young children who access the internet. What will they think? Even more by reading the comments. Every time I post a photo, someone praises my body and asks if I'm going to pose naked, but I never wanted to because of the children ”, he lamented in an interview with the magazine Who.

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On the Instagram of the former football player, his adviser answered for him. “The image was taken a long time ago and was stored on your cell phone, which was hacked criminally. Measures are already being taken by Hadson's lawyers, both to locate the person responsible for hacking his cell phone, and to blame the websites, blogs and profiles that are disseminating, sharing and disseminating content with intimate or sexual content without his consent. ”.

In addition to the children with his ex, Hadson will father again with his girlfriend who is five months pregnant. Interviewed by Gshow, he said he is about to move to Rio, but hoping to pass the pandemic because of the coronavirus.



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