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Hawk Archer Series has date to start shooting

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Série do Gavião Arqueiro já tem data para começar as filmagens (Fonte: Marvel)

Gavião Arqueiro series already has a date to start filming (Source: Marvel)

While Marvel Studios reinforces its plans to expand Marvel's Universe at Disney +, the planned television miniseries Gavião Arqueiro has set a start date for the shootings.

According to entertainment news writer Charles Murphy, the next miniseries is due to begin shooting in July. The production will be led by Mad Men writer Jonathan Igla, who will act as executive producer and showrunner for the miniseries.

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Hawkeye is not starting production until July, if it stays on schedule, so there is no reason RIGHT NOW to be worried about what we don't know about it.

– Charles Murphy (@_CharlesMurphy) January 1, 2020
“Hawkeye won't start production until July if it stays on schedule, so there's no reason NOW to worry about what we don't know. “

Aside from Jeremy Renner's return as Clint Barton, no other cast news about the miniseries was officially announced, including the incarnation of MCU's Kate Bishop – the only other character currently confirmed for production.


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