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Heartbreaking: The Saddest Vikings Scenes

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Heartbreaking: The Saddest Vikings Scenes

Attention! Contains spoilers of the Vikings final season.

With impressive battles, charismatic characters and clever plotlines, Vikings is one of the most successful story series of today. Combining the epic stories of the Nordic warriors with personal dramas and character development, the series can stir the audience's emotions.

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Currently on Christmas hiatus, Vikings returns next week with "The Key," the fifth episode of the final season.

While the new episode does not arrive, the CBR site listed the saddest scenes of Vikings; check below!

Still in the first season of Vikings, Ragnar is faced with mortality after the death of his daughter. The Gyda character dies at 14 by a plague that ravaged Kattegat.

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Gyda's death was one of Vikings' first sad moments, and represented the loss of the innocence of the couple Ragnar and Lagertha, which have changed a lot since the bleak event.

Heartbreaking: The Saddest Vikings Scenes

In the fifth season of Vikings, Lagertha reveals (not explicitly) that Rollo is Bjorn's true father. The young Nordic does not accept, and says that he will be forever son of Ragnar, to the sadness of Rollo.

The scene is sad from all perspectives involved. Bjorn is saddened by the supposed revelation, Rollo is frustrated by the young man's reaction and Lagertha is trapped in the crossfire.

Heartbreaking: The Saddest Vikings Scenes

When Ivar was born, Ragnar decided that his son would not have a full and normal life like Viking because of his disability. In a truly sad moment, he leaves the baby to die by a river, regretting it soon after.

However, Aslaug saves the son and raises him along with the brothers in Kattegat. The situation at least subtly explains the temperament of Ragnar's son in the future.

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In one of Vikings most amazing moments, Floki kills Athelstan. The character's death does not have as much impact, but Ragnar's reaction does. The warrior carries his fallen friend's body and buries it in a secret place, saying goodbye to one of the most important people in his life.

After the Christian's death, Ragnar faced one of the most difficult periods of his life, running away from reality so as not to face the great changes of his life.

Heartbreaking: The Saddest Vikings Scenes

In All The Prisoners, Vikings' latest episode, Lagertha witnesses the death of Hali, his grandson and son of Bjorn and Torvi. To make matters worse, the young boy was only placed under his grandmother's tutelage to be safe during his father's journey in search of King Harald.

Hali is killed during the bandit attack on the village of Lagertha. The boy takes an arrow in retaliation for resistance from Viking and the other women. Hali died in Lagertha's arms in a heartbreaking scene.

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