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Heavy snowfall hits Fortnite Island

by ace

Image: Fortnite Insider

On the 9th day of the Fortnite Winterfest event, Epic Games, while not putting any new content into the game, first added a weather system on the island of Fortnite. Battle Royale.

Players who entered the Battle Royale on Thursday (26) encountered a heavy snowstorm, making it difficult for players to see at a distance. Interestingly, although Epic did not mention a snowstorm in the Winterfest announcement, it was predicted on the loading screen weeks before the Christmas event hit the game.

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Split screen is available again in FortniteHeavy snowfall hits Fortnite IslandImage: Reproduction

According to some Reddit posts, the blizzards are about three minutes long and when it's “active” in the game, players can't see almost anything around them.

Last year Epic Games had added to the Fortnite map this time of year a haze that made it difficult for players to see what was going on around them, and with it, several theories have already been created and the game community is rooting for that the blizzard brings something different in the season, which ends only in February 2020.


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