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“I'm a feminist,” says Damares Alves

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“I'm a feminist,” says Damares Alves

Damares Alves (Valter Campanato / Brazil Agency)

Causing controversy for always talking openly about sensitive issues, Damares Alves gave an interview to the Estadão, where she talked about empowerment, the true role of feminism, according to her, and future plans.

“When I say I'm empowered, I'm using exactly the feminist dream of empowering a woman. I had opportunities, I studied, I understand that education is redemption, I fought hard. I wanted to say to these feminists who criticize me so much that I think we could have this dialogue. They could use my example in their fight. Come talk to me. I am a woman who came from below, had no shoes to go to school and today is a minister, ”says the minister, who had the Ministry as highly rated.

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Damares talks about LGBT, feminism and asks, "Are you a woman more empowered than me?"

“But I am a feminist. The problem is what is feminism? These crazy women on the street screaming, with flags, naked and breaking everything? What I question is the way they fight for equality, ”he said.

“I challenge you to ask a feminist to show how many women she took home and protected from violence, how many actually helped? Is just screaming today enough? It depends on what you mean by feminism. If fighting for women's rights is being a feminist, I am. If I fight for everyone to have opportunity and dignity, I am, ”he said.


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