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Insider AFFIRMS that PS5 exclusive Silent Hill will be revealed this year

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The past few months have been one of speculation, delusions and promises for the Silent Hill franchise. However, an influential insider (a person who has access to inside information within a company) said with 100% certainty about a rumor that has been in the press for months in this sector: a PlayStation 5 exclusive Silent Hill.

The news is Dusk Golem, who says that the news can be revealed at a State of Play, which would already be scheduled for August this year, or at the Tokyo Game Show, which in turn takes place in September, which apparently has finds out of COVID-19’s greatest dangers.

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(1/2) People keep on asking on Silent Hill though I’ve literally answered this like a dozen times in the past, so this is nothing new. But last time I’m saying it until I get a bigger confirm, if the stuff about Sony & Japan Studio are true, the reveal will be this year, but the

– AestheticGamer aka Dusk Golem (@ AestheticGamer1) July 6, 2020

Given the high demand that PlayStation fans have for a new Silent Hill game, it is quite possible that Sony is funding the game’s development to give the PS5 a big exclusive. But for now, the companies involved have not commented on either this possible revelation or the State of Play cited.

Certainly for the franchise so far, only the confirmation that came last month, when the world the game Dead by Daylight won a Silent Hil themed extension. Check it out below:

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As for the PS5, the only confirmed terror for now is Observer, which is not even terror for many and will not be exclusive to Sonystas either.

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