Home Cinema Is it really the end? Is there a way for Marvel to resurrect [SPOILER] at MCU


Is it really the end? Is there a way for Marvel to resurrect [SPOILER] at MCU

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Is it really the end? Is there a way for Marvel to resurrect [SPOILER] at MCU

Death is never certain when we talk about superheroes. In Marvel's comics, the Black Widow – who in theaters died in Avengers: Ultimatum – has already been resurrected, and this raises the question: Does she also come back in theaters?

Yes, everyone involved in Avengers: Ultimatum has confirmed that Natasha has indeed died, but Marvel fans are already looking for solutions for her to return straight to the comics. And they found it.

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In an article, ScreenRant talked about the return of the Black Widow in Marvel's comics, and how it can influence the movies.

After being murdered by Captain America's Hydra version, the Black Widow is resurrected in the comic book, "Tales of Suspense."

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In this story, Hawkeye and Winter Soldier investigate the appearance of the Black Widow symbol in a murder. In the end, they discover that heroin is indeed alive, but in a very different way.

In this comic, it is revealed that the Red Room – Black Widow's training ground – has created clones to replace its dying members. With the powers of mutant Epsilon Red, allied with local technology, the Black Widow was eventually resurrected in a clone body.

The Red Room thought it had reset Black Widow's memory forever, but the reality was different. Mutant Big Dipper – another Red Room experiment – arranged a deal with Epsilon Red for Natasha to win all her memories back.

As a result, the Black Widow gradually gained space in the Red Room, breaking free of their control and eventually destroying the place.

Is it really the end? Is there a way for Marvel to resurrect [SPOILER] at MCU

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If Marvel wants it, it's quite possible to repeat the same comic book story. We know the Black Widow solo movie will portray the heroine's past, but that does not mean that advances in history will not happen.

A simple post-credit scene showing the Red Room producing a Natasha clone could leave Marvel fans intrigued and excited for the future.

The Big Dipper is likely to be in the movie (bodybuilder Olivier Richters must live the character) and now that the MCU may have mutated characters, it is possible that Black Widow introduces someone equivalent to Epsilon Red to resurrect the heroine.

The question here is whether Scarlett Johansson is interested in playing the heroine again. Several stories could be told and the Black Widow could even become a villain, but her conclusion in Avengers: Ultimatum was also dignified and fair to the character. In the end, options abound for Marvel.

Black Widow arrives in Brazilian theaters on April 30, 2020.

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