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João Guilherme is accused of gordophobia after calling woman “manatee”

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The singer João Guilherme (PHOTO: Reproduction)

Actor and singer João Guilherme, Leonardo's youngest son, has been accused of gordophobia after calling a woman a “manatee” in a video posted on his social networks during the holidays.

"Look how cute, there are a lot of fish," said João registering the hotel pool. "And there's a manatee here too," he concluded, pointing the camera at a woman who was swimming.

Soon after the video was published, many netizens were disappointed by the comment by João Guilherme, who was criticized for his attitude.

After the negative repercussion, John used Twitter to apologize for the incident claiming to be young and still learning from his mistakes.

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“I come here to sincerely apologize for what you said. I said bullshit and I'm not in favor of jokes and statements like that, really. I am not happy with the repercussions of this and those who follow me know that I have no malice in speech or thought, my sincere apologies. ”, Said John.

I know many of us have body issues and this is no fun to play with. My family raised me well yes, evil is not my nature.
Once again sorry, the notion has passed away.
And I'm a kid.

– João Guilherme (@Joaoguiavila) December 27, 2019

I'm new, I'm learning to deal with mistakes and others. Part of learning is apologizing and NOT MAKING THE SAME MISTAKE TWICE.
as a good person you will not see more evil in my speech

– João Guilherme (@Joaoguiavila) December 27, 2019


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