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Jojo Todynho is criticized for advertising by praising Crivella City Hall

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jojo todynho

The singer Jojo Todynho (PHOTO: Reproduction)

Jojo Todynho was once again the target of a controversy in social networks. This time, the funkeira decided to participate in an advertising campaign praising the education of Rio's City Hall.

The publicity piece occurs at the same time that the management of Mayor Marcelo Crivella is going through a health crisis, due to lack of payments to employees and lack of care in the units.

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"Do not eat. Do not study. That's where the problem happens. Because going to the internet to stick the stick is soft. But I came to compliment. The city hall (Rio) broke. And every Saturday she is giving lunch and tutoring in 1000 schools in underserved areas. Enough of our kids on the weekend on the street, I don't know what… Quality education is that. Take care of our children. Without study it is not possible to get anywhere. When you talk about children, love, you come with me because you know that I put my face to all communities. What river is this? Wonderful! What river is this? Improvement for my people. Love much. Thank you, City Hall! ”

The Republican Party pastor also bitterly registers a negative rating from his government since according to a Datafolha poll released last Sunday (the 15th), 72% of Cariocas rate Crivella Management as bad or very bad.

Jojo's participation in the video annoyed netizens. Some pointed to contradiction in funkeira, which is known for making direct criticism on various subjects on social networks.

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Publicity informs at the end of the video that Jojo Todynho would have donated his fee to charities. Check out the video and some comments on social networks about Jojo Todynho's participation.

Jojo Toddynho making advertising praising Rio de Janeiro's city hall… kkkkk joke

– Filipe Oliveira (@FilipeOlliveira) December 15, 2019

I didn't have to wipe the city hall knowing the reality!

I do not believe the cache was donated, and nothing matters more than my opinion!

I declare today, Jojo Toddynho CANCELED… pic.twitter.com/kwDJ2TbVAY

– No duard (@ 07_ehb) December 15, 2019

Jojo Todynho advertising the City Hall… what a disappointment, is she no longer visiting her place of origin to see how the mayor is neglecting the city?

– Beloved (@ lucasvasques29) December 13, 2019


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