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Jon Bernthal Punisher may appear in Disney + series

by ace
Jon Bernthal pode repetir o papel de O Justiceiro em produção da Disney+ (Fonte: Reprodução)

Jon Bernthal Can Repeat The Role Of Disney's Production Punisher + (Source: Reproduction)

Jon Bernthal took on the Punisher's robe by participating in the Daredevil series and later starring in his solo production for Netflix. Unfortunately, Marvel's streaming service programs were abruptly canceled and the series lasted only two seasons.

Bernthal's characterization as a Punisher has pleased the public, and it has been rumored for some time that Marvel has plans for the actor at MCU, but the way he would return had not yet been resolved.

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Now, according to We Got This Covered, sources close to the site are saying the company is considering including appearances by Bernthal as the Punisher in an episode or two of The Moon Knight. Not yet sure, and if it did, it may have to wait until the second season for occur, but it is definitely something that is being discussed in the studio.

There is still nothing official about it and not even the company is fully determined about the participation, but surely the actor will be used in some way in the new productions.


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