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Juju Salimeni almost shows too much and warms up the web

by ace

Juju Salimeni (Photo: Reproduction / Instagram)

Juju Salimeni used social media to share a very hot record. At the time, wearing a very cute sweatshirt, the blonde and fitness model warmed the web, for almost showing too much.

“Build your own path and change the right direction for yours,” wrote the artist, who hid part of her breasts. “Show more, we will not find it bad, beautiful thing”, said an admirer. “What a beauty, I love all your records, you are a perfect woman, be it anyway”, praised the second. “Love of my life,” declared the third.

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A few days ago, the beauty posed on the web wearing military pants, and commented on difficulties throughout her life. “Your determination is beautiful. Resilience is your last name, the obstacles are cruel, but your strength is insurmountable, you don’t have to pretend ”, she started.

Finally, she still continues, and talked about fragility. “And I know that you go through moments of fragility, and your way of overcoming insecurity is painful and alone, but you deserve the world, and deep down, we know that you will conquer”, concluded Juju.

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