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Justice upholds Cristiano Araújo driver's conviction for manslaughter

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The musician Cristiano Araújo (PHOTO: Reproduction)

The conviction of Ronaldo Miranda for the manslaughter of sertanejo singer Cristiano Araújo was upheld by the Goias State Court of Justice (TJ-GO). The first class of the institution unanimously voted to uphold the conviction, after examining the defendant's defense appeal.

The musician and his girlfriend Allana Morais died in a car crash on June 24, 2015, in a vehicle driven by Miranda. According to investigations, the defendant was above the speed allowed on that stretch of highway BR-153, and the car had damaged wheels.

Initially, Miranda was sentenced to two years and seven months of detention in the open, a penalty that was later converted into the provision of community services, and also the payment of a fine of $ 25,000, to be paid to families of the victims.

After the original decision, given in January 2018, Miranda's defense appealed the ruling, arguing that the driver was convicted of responsibilities that were not his own.

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However, Judge Francisco Campos, rapporteur of the new decision upholding the conviction, understood that the driver had acted “recklessly, negligently and imperiously” while driving the vehicle at 179 km / h along the highway at the time of the accident.

The judge even pointed out that Miranda was aware of the tire problems of the car, and pointed to witness testimony proving that they had alerted Cristiano Araújo's driver about the defects in the original air nozzles.


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