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K-Pop 15-year-old singer assaulted with punch on TV show; watch video

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South Korean singer Chaeyon (PHOTO: Reproduction)

South Korean channel EBS announced Wednesday that hosts Choi Young Soo and Park Dong Geun will no longer be ahead of the children's attraction ”Tok! Tok! Boni Hani ”. Professionals leave the show after they are accused of assaulting and cursing their attraction colleague, K-pop singer Chaeyon of girlgroup Busters.

Last Tuesday, a netizen posted on social media a video that showed Choi Young Soo assaulting 15-year-old Chaeyon on the attraction stage after the teenager pulled him by his shirt. In addition to being hit by a punch in the arm, the singer was reportedly called a “poisonous slut” among other curses by Park Dong Geun, another member of the attraction. In the images, Chaeyeon is visibly embarrassed by the physical attack.

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K-Pop 15-year-old singer assaulted with punch on TV show; watch video

Turn up your volume.
this actor, one of chaeyeon's coworkers choi youngsoo, appeared to have hit chaeyeon. no matter if chaeyeon pulled him over or if they're friends, that's incredibly out of line. #RespectChaeyeon pic.twitter.com/IqCWNdfRxs

– mimi (@ilybusters) December 10, 2019

Initially, the direction of ”Tok! Tok! Boni Hani ”even denied that there was any aggression in the program, pointing out that“ the controversy is not real ”. On Wednesday, however, they turned back and declared that they "will accept the seriousness of the situation" and "will take appropriate action" involving the K-pop star aggression.

Chaeyon's career agency also spoke out about the case, explaining that “the singer said it was nothing to worry about, and it seems like it was a little heavy joke between them.” 'Choi Young Soo, who was charged punching the singer's arm, also explained that '' just pushed Chaeyeon's arm. '

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Through social networks, viewers were astonished by the situation and the #RespectChaeyeon tag was one of the most commented on Twitter. Is this a children's program? I was shocked, ”“ Isn't that a very hard joke for a young girl? ”Were some of the comments from netizens.

I'm still so upset that this happened, but as always the country does absolutely nothing! We have an obligation to give love and affection to all idols, flops groups can suffer more than groups with big fans, remember what happened to them before? #respectchaeyeon pic.twitter.com/1Zl0UOuoBZ

-. . ᥨᥙꪕꪋ▒᪶⃛⃝🌾 (@yeonjiwu) December 11, 2019


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