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Kabum lists 19 gamers gifts you can give this Christmas from $ 29 …

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Check out deals for pocket levels!

The holiday season is approaching, and with it a hard-level mission for many parents: gifting a gamer son. And while the subject of the pleased is already clear, this may only be the easy part of the mission. This is because some more "classic" parents still do not understand very well how a certain mouse, for example, can be a huge gamer gift.

And in the face of a vast universe of things that can make a player happy, it is important to list options that respect the most varied pocket levels that will sponsor this year's gambling. So we have listed no less than 25 gamer gift options at Kabum! Check out:


Joysticks never hurt. Whether for visits, travel, substitutions, and various other reasons, the fact is that if all gamers could, they would have a controller for every situation. Check out two models:

Dazz Dualshock PC Control – 621322

Simulating the design of the acclaimed PlayStation franchise controller, the Dazz Dualshock PC-621322 is the perfect choice for visitors to take over player 2 on the home PC. Costing less than 30 reais, the controller responsibly meets the commands required for PC gaming. The positive balance of comments on the page reinforces that visitors will not have the excuse of control when they miss a penalty.

Kabum lists 19 gamers gifts you can give this Christmas from $ 29 ...


– Internal Vibration

– Supports analog and digital modules

– USB connection

– Cable Length: 1.80m

– For IBM PC and Compatible

– Compatibility: PC

Logitech F710 Wireless PC / TV Control – 940-000117

Plug in and forget the wire and enjoy the freedom – playing wirelessly. Simply insert the nano receiver into a USB port for fast 2.4 GHz data transmission with virtually no delay, loss or interference.

Kabum lists 19 gamers gifts you can give this Christmas from $ 29 ...


Operational system

– Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10.


– 2.4 GHz

– Up to 10 m or 33 feet


– Replaceable

Gamer chair

Yes, you father / mother who was a 89/90 gamer can certainly come to this part here and think that the item in question can be an unprecedented nutellice, since you have been playing for decades and have never given anything away. However, ergonomics are important.

And in times when you spend more and more time sitting, the accessory is, above all, an investment in health. Finally, the undeniable fact that the item can be used in other situations, such as study or work, is worth arguing. Check out two models:

Gamer Husky Snow Chair, Black – HSN-BK

The model has the basics for the recipient to spend their gaming moments with a comfort that promises to help the player not to watch the time pass.

Kabum lists 19 gamers gifts you can give this Christmas from $ 29 ...


– Structure: Wood

– Base: Metal

– Wheels: Nylon

– Upholstery: PU Leather

– Foam Density: 35kg / m³ (seat and back)

– Adjustable Arm: No – Fixed with foam

– Gas Cylinder: Class 4

– Height adjustment: 100 mm

– Engine: Butterfly

– Balance: Yes – 0-13 °

– Maximum weight supported: 130 Kg

– Recommended height: 1,90 m


– Seat: 500 x 500 mm

– Backrest: 510 x 710 mm

– Base: Radius 350 mm

– Wheels: 60 mm

Gamer Noblechairs Hero Chair, Leather, Black Red – NBL-HRO-RL-BRD

At the other end of the range is Noblechair Hero, a true hightec throne whose specifications can speak better than any release.

Kabum lists 19 gamers gifts you can give this Christmas from $ 29 ...


– Integrated adjustable lumbar support

– Larger format

– 4D Arm with Soft PU Padding

– Complete internal foam construction

– Solid Metal Inner Frame

– Breathable fabric cover

– Vibrant Coloring

– 60mm silent castors

– Class 4 gas lift

– DIN EN 1335 certified

– Butterfly Tilt Mechanism

– Elegant air channel

– Intricate Stitching

– Backrest height: 89cm / 35.04 ″

– Backrest width (shoulder level): 57cm / 22.44 ″

– Backrest width (pelvic level): 56cm / 22.05 ″

– Backrest width (contact point): 32.5cm / 12.8 ″

– Seat Area Width (total): 52cm / 20.47 ″

– Seat Area Width (contact point): 35cm / 13.78 ″

– Depth seating area (total): 55cm / 21.65 ″

– Depth of seating area (contact point): 50cm / 19.69 ″

– Arm Width: 10.5cm / 4.13 ″

– Arm Depth: 27cm

– Maximum recommended weight: 150 kg


In principle mere tools for handling access to a computer's field, mice have become part of the gamer universe since games like Counter Strike dominated Internet cafes in the early 2000s. Since then, they have evolved and now have an arsenal of options when it comes to using it as a weapon. However, it is not that stationery mouse that you can call a gamer when presenting the virtual sniper of your home. Check out two good models to do some damage:

Mouse Gamer Fortrek USB Optical Tarantula

2000 DPI optical gaming sensor, four DPI settings and 12 million click fast response buttons. Win every battle with lethal accuracy! The anatomical surface and non-slip matte coating offer more grip and precise commands for creating incredibly effective plays.

Kabum lists 19 gamers gifts you can give this Christmas from $ 29 ...

Robust and aggressive design to intimidate any rival. The Tarantula Mouse has LED illumination that changes color according to DPI, making it easy to identify the selected DPI.

Mouse Gamer Razer Lancehead 16,000 DPI Wireless

How about investing in speed and execution needs commands with this wireless gamer mouse? Razer Lancehead Wireless has unique frequency-adaptive technology that is unique to the brand and gives you much more freedom for your play. It is an innovative equipment, designed with the best engineering for those who seek gaming performance.

Kabum lists 19 gamers gifts you can give this Christmas from $ 29 ...

Get 100% transmission stability and play with the world's most accurate gamer sensor. With this Razer mouse, you'll have the best technology at your fingertips, with constant millisecond frequency frequency channel tracking that avoids any interference with commands. The Razer Lancehead wireless mouse has a 16G DPI 5G sensor.

The model enhances the player experience in terms of speed, acceleration and accuracy. To top it off with a golden key, this mouse gamer is still equipped with Razer Synapse 3 software, a unique program that allows you to save your settings in the mouse itself and also in the cloud. Have this perfect technological tool in your favor. The model has an ambidextrous profile and an incredibly beautiful design!


The importance of keyboards in the gamer world also follows the same evolutionary thinking cited in the example of mice. Accuracy, speed and fidelity of movement are essential resources for those who want to have a prominent performance in multiplayer battles of various themes. Here are two options for getting your nervous hand up:

Gamer HyperX Mechanical Keyboard Alloy Origins, RGB, HyperX Red Switch, ABNT2 – HX-KB6RDX-EN

HyperX Alloy Origins is a rugged, compact keyboard with exclusive HyperX switches designed to give gamers the best combination of style, performance and reliability. The switches feature apparent LEDs for dazzling lighting with elegantly balanced actuation pressure and stroke distance for better response and accuracy.

Kabum lists 19 gamers gifts you can give this Christmas from $ 29 ...

Alloy Origins features an all-aluminum frame for stability, three customizable tilt levels, and a sleek, compact shape that provides more room for mouse movement.

Gamer Dazz Rapid Fire Revolution KeyboardRainbow

Rapid Fire is a name known since the old guard of 8bits. However, the rapid fire here has upgrades that can put the recipient in good standing in the online battle.

Kabum lists 19 gamers gifts you can give this Christmas from $ 29 ...

– DAZZ Rapid Fire Keyboard Brings Different Design to Other Keyboards

– With 3 lighting levels

– game mode to disable windows key

– Anti-gosthing Function

Making it enjoyable for all uses, whether it's surfing the internet, working or playing.


Uninformed parents may find that this assistant is just a headset to hear the sound of the video game privately. However, the device goes far beyond that. Headsets are a must-have communication tool for gamers who participate in online multiplayer games, where communication can be decisive when maneuvering a character in a collective combat scenario.

Check out two options for this gift that promises to keep your child's room quiet during gambling (at least until he decides to yell at his squad):

C3 Headset Tech Gamer Predator

Make the most of your favorite games with the Predator MI-2558 that brings you all the reality of the game with excellent audio quality. The Predator headset has better mid and low frequency response. Provides better performance and gaming experience.

Kabum lists 19 gamers gifts you can give this Christmas from $ 29 ...

It has great sound insulation and is suitable for the most demanding gaming users, providing excellent comfort even during extended use. The cables are sturdier to prevent breakage in situations where excessive tensioning is applied.

HyperX Gamer Headset Cloud Orbit S 3D Audio – HX-HSCOS-GM / WW

HyperX Cloud Orbit S creates a world around you with Audeze magnetic drivers, …


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