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Katy Perry reveals her best song released this decade

by ace
A cantora Katy Perry (Foto: reprodução)

The singer Katy Perry (Photo: reproduction)

Katy Perry brings together a crowd of extremely warm fans. There are several songs and clips that bring different atmospheres cradling the hearts of admirers. These songs range from something sensual and sacrilegious to more innocent and subtle contours.

Thus, through an interview, the singer was asked what is her favorite song of the decade. She, however, confessed that the choice is difficult, but eventually gave in.

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“I think Firework always works, no matter if you're 8 or 80, I always see everyone screaming at shows. That's the beauty of music, it's like in sports, everyone comes together in one community, in the same vibe, energy and camaraderie, ”he begins.

“Everyone creates bonds. I feel like we're so alone and isolated on social media, but when we come together and dance, we unite with strangers, we feel like humans again. I love this song, ”he adds.


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