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Kojima wants to bet on entertainment using streaming and AI

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HIdeo Kojima

Kojima wants to innovate and go further.

After creating a game where one of the main goals was to be as different as possible from anything ever experienced in games, Hideo Kojima seems to want more. His game, Death Stranding, has little time on the market, but the Japanese have publicly stated that he thinks of a new game concept for his next project.

However, the mind behind Silent Hill may be willing to transcend the boundaries of what we know as its comfort zone. In other words: the games. The Japanese recently posted to his Twitter account that he is considering streaming and AI for entertainment purposes. Check it out below:

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We'll have Tokyo Olympic in the year of 2020, and also the extreme change in entertainment industry will come in the next 10 years with the arrival of the streaming and AI. I'd like to create something related to such new media and totally brand new entertainment for the tomorrow. pic.twitter.com/z0F3ClTzVt


“We will have the Tokyo Olympics in 2020, and also an extreme change in the entertainment industry will take place over the next 10 years with the arrival of streaming and AI. I would like to create something related to these new media and totally new entertainment for tomorrow. ”

It is not known if Kojima actually considered using these possibilities outside the gaming market. However, his recent demonstrations about making movies with his company may be indicative that he is really looking to experiment with other airs of entertainment to interact with people who enjoy the kind of thing that comes out of his mind.

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Feet on the ground

Finally, although the possibilities surrounding Hideo Kojima's speech may fly far, the site comicbook rescued some recent lines of Japanese that can put several feet to the ground.

"I think in the coming years the game will be streaming," he added. “Movies, dramas and games will be broadcast and you can enjoy them on your iPad or iPhone or on a screen anytime, anywhere.

When this happens, games, movies and dramas will have to compete in the same space. I'm very interested in the new game format that will appear there, and that's what I want to assume. ”

For now, Hideo Kojima has not yet officially pronounced himself involved with any non-gaming project.


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