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Legendary skater asks Tony Hawk for crying in the THPS 1 + 2 remaster

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Legendary skater asks Tony Hawk for crying in the THPS 1 + 2 remaster

Expectations were created.

Once the remastering of the iconic Tony Hawk Pro Skater 1e 2 was finally confirmed, a series of passionate questions took over this issue. Songs, scenarios, secret character, multiplayer and a multitude of other questions quickly took over nostalgic fans. And among Brazilian fans, it didn't take long before the above issues intersected with the name of Chorão, the late singer of the band Charlie Brown Jr.

Faced with the possibility of a project with so much in common with the leader of the Santos band, fans quickly mobilized around a petition, in order to include Chorão in this virtual tour. However, the initiative does not seem to have had much effect so far, but a live led by actor Caio Castro may have given real hope to this matter.

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The broadcast was attended by the legendary Brazilian-American skater Bob Burnquist, the greatest medalist in the history of X Games. According to Bob, he called Tony, his personal friend, and commented on Chorão, its musical relevance in Brazil and its connection with the sport.

Legendary skater asks Tony Hawk for crying in the THPS 1 + 2 remasterBob Burnquist. Image: Disclosure.

“I'll tell you that I already called (for Tony Hawk) and I already did. Everyone is aware. Do you think I'm gonna leave it alone, man? Has no way. If you have a Brazilian skater, you want to have a Brazilian sound. ” said Bob, who was also a friend of Chorão, also telling the conversations between them about the game:

“Everyone's dream. Chorão loved Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater and played a lot, we always talked about the game and stuff. So I think that, like every Brazilian, he always dreamed of having Charlie Brown there. “

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For now, there is still no official information on how this tribute could occur in the remasters scheduled for this year. It is worth remembering that the new times allow items to be sold within games. Therefore, a Chorão skin or even a song to compose the classic tracks of the game would be perfectly applicable.


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